Just got home

Well, i have just arrived back at "chateau..jakes house". If your wondering what im doing arriving home at 11pm! I was out at a football match, Oxford United (MY TEAM) Vs. Shitchester United, sorry, i mean MANchester United. Well... as many of you know, I don't know why I'm saying that as the only people who read my blog so far are the people I've forced to visit it, Oxford United are a conference team. *waits for "ZOMFZZXZZZXZ 0XFrD R SHT!!11!1 Hw CN U LK THM!??!? MAN U R DA FKNG BRILANT!!11!11!thirtysevenandahalf11!1!!@!1'1.!!#!"* Well, yes we may be "shit" in comparison to some of the higher teams.. but imagine this, there are THOUSANDS of football teams in england, and Oxford United are what is it, 150th our of 5000 teams. Which isn't bad at all. So to all the haters, "FUCK YOU". Right

Back on point.

The match.

We lost.

Yeah i know, "NO SPRiS THR OxFRD R SHIT!!!11!1eleven!#@21!!" But 4-1 against a premiership side isn't half bad. And the fat bloke who ran on the pitch WHILST GAME WAS PAUSED (idiot), was quite a laugh. Oh, and how can i forgot the constant booing for our good friend Christiano Ronaldo.

And i did get the new 2006/2007 Oxford strip, so i'm happy. Although £40 for a t-shirt seems a bit extreme.

Mooooooooooooving on to something less football related. It's my good friend Ambers birthday tomorrow, so i'm sure she would really appreciate if you all gave her a bit of a "hip hip hooray".

Also, in 1 WEEK TIME i will be visiting my good friends up in worcester, to be honest... i cannot wait. We've known eachother TOO long and never met! Not sure what we're gonna do for a few days, but i'm sure we'll think of something.


I'm all out of things to say


First Blog Entry

When this is a big hit, people will look back to this and think... damn... how could of someone turned something so simple into such an amazing thing.

But all i really did was get bored one tuesday morning and create a blog.

So, well... here i go. I am a blogger!

Which means i guess i'll have to talk about something.

I'll start with well, what i'm doing awake at 11:57 in the morning, which i know to some of you, is like... not a big deal at all. But well, i usually wake up at around 4 in the afternoon, but today, i was up bright and early at 9am! Dentist appointment you see, gotta get me some braces! Yahoo! Which well, didn't particulally set me up for a good day, at least my guitar teacher is coming today. Although, i did break my high E, and i don't have any spares.

Hmm, well what else is there to say?

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Its free, its not "spyware", so would you all stop being pussys and download it now

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