First Blog Entry

When this is a big hit, people will look back to this and think... damn... how could of someone turned something so simple into such an amazing thing.

But all i really did was get bored one tuesday morning and create a blog.

So, well... here i go. I am a blogger!

Which means i guess i'll have to talk about something.

I'll start with well, what i'm doing awake at 11:57 in the morning, which i know to some of you, is like... not a big deal at all. But well, i usually wake up at around 4 in the afternoon, but today, i was up bright and early at 9am! Dentist appointment you see, gotta get me some braces! Yahoo! Which well, didn't particulally set me up for a good day, at least my guitar teacher is coming today. Although, i did break my high E, and i don't have any spares.

Hmm, well what else is there to say?

I DEMAND you all go to this website and download THE best game IN THE WORLD (direct download link, for pc users only... loot around the website if you use a mac)


Its free, its not "spyware", so would you all stop being pussys and download it now

This is like, blatent advertising, so the good ol' people down at metanet best be sending some cash my way...




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